About Europeanseo.org

Europeanseo.org is intended to fill the gap on multilingual, european search engine optimisation in the Internet Marketing sphere. Our aim will be to provide with marketing tips, search analysis, and anything related to search marketing in other markets/languages covering as many disciplines as possible from Link Building to reputation mangement.

I was part of a Seo consultancy company specialised in multilingual search engine marketing, but my opinions here will not be corporative but based on my daily experience in the field of European Internet Marketing as well as the obliged random ranting to which every blogger is entitled : ) .

My opinions will be backed by the experience gathered by working on a few client projects and now in-house but for obvious reasons I will not able to disclose specific information about those , other than niche market and vague descriptions.

I believe that with the exception of a few blogs in the respective language/markets there is no much information about the peculiarities of doing global search marketing. The idea behind this blog is to answer questions and pose them using the current universal language (English) to speak about other languages. Everybody will be welcome to add their insight or join the debate at any time.