Link Analysis for Multilingual SEO campaigns

by oskarokupa on April 15, 2009

Link analysis is one of the most important areas of search engines ranking algorithms. Although some international search engines are less sophisticated in the way they assess link relevance, there is no reason to believe that these engines, such as Baidu or Yandex, will apply similar more advanced link quality indicators as part or the usual improvement on information retrieval techniques, in a similar way that more developed search companies have evolved, mainly Google.

Relying on link quality indicators has the advantage for search engines to avoid the “noise” and improve results relevancy for specific queries. This is due to the complexity of manipulating a link profile, which can be done, but it is much more onerous and time consuming.

Multilingual Link Analysis Best Practice

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


  • Url of the page where the link is placed or to be place
  • List of keywords that the site is targeting
  • Google Toolbar to check page rank
  • Several online tools that might help you in the analysis.

Steps (for each document / page )

  1. Page Inspection
    • Title metatag (title of the page) . Review if the keywords are related to the site subject matter
    • Text surrounding the link. Search engines use a lot of semantic technology in their algorithm. That means that they are able to understand the relationship between themed keywords. That means that if the text surrounding the link has a little to do with the theme of the page linked that link will have less impact than conversely. Take a thorough look at the text around the link to spot semantic relationships
    • Check number of links on the page. The more links placed in a page the more diluted the page rank (the mark that Google gives to any page, it is easily checkable with Google Toolbar) will be.
    • Check the themes of the links. A page full of travel links will provide with better value to a travel site that an inventory of links of random topics (travel, gambling, sports, etc)
    • Link Location: is important. Ideal case scenario:
      • links headings, followed by relevant text.
      • links right at the start of paragraphs.
      • inks on a new line after the relevant paragraph.
  2. Read the linking page content attentively.

    Realistically speaking is difficult to force people to link to your page in these locations. Normally, links at the top of the page will me more prominent than at the bottom.

  3. Anchor text Analysis
  4. Anchor Text is the “Linked Text” Anchor text is the blue text that you click on, the actual words used to follow a hyperlink to another webpage.

    Anchor text of the inbound link is one of the most concise assessments another page can use to determine your page theme. Anchor Text is still the single most important factor after title page. Ensure that the anchor text of the link contains keywords relevant for the page linked and that are present either in the destination title page or the copy of the page. For multilingual sites this is even more important since the language used to link to specific pages will help determine the geographic location of the linked content. It is very helpful when several languages are used under the same domain in different folders or subdomains.


    Link in a page: luxury holidays in Spain

    Title of the destination page: Luxury Holidays

  5. Page Analysis
    • Links pointing to the page. It can be measured by page rank of the page showed in the Google Toolbar. Internal pages tend to have low page rank 0 or 1 but that doesn’t mean the link is not giving value. Obviously, the higher, the better
    • Links pointing to the whole site. Page rank 4 or 5 for commercial sites should be ok.
    • Domain listing in Dmoz. Dmoz is the most reputable directory on the web. Links from Dmoz carry a huge importance. A site with a link from Dmoz will give more linking value.
  6. The relative importance and visibility of a webpage can be measured by several factors. A link in a page with good indicators will carry more value.

Tips & Warnings

  • Gambling or porn sites linking to the client’s site might harm it
  • Any link, regardless of the quality requisites stated, gives some value. Exception showed in the previous point.
  • Links are difficult to get. Don’t discard a link just because it is not perfect, it might give the client’s traffic.

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