Succesfully market content for links – Distilled PRO seminar London

by oskarokupa on October 26, 2010

Wiep talks about Advanced Link Building in the PRO seminar in London.


  • How to build relevance
  • How to get unpaid links that competitors don’t have
  • Case Study

Perfect Link Profile

  1. Relevance. The way to do it is to do hub link analysis in order to find relevant, related sites. Tools: the usual. Link analysis can be very time consuming so get to the low hanging fruit.
    • Ways to get keyword rich anchors:
      • Change your email signature
      • Find dead links : “page no found” inanchor:hotel deals
      • Pinger for more dead links
      • Directories, article submission but mainly guest posts
  2. Visibility
    • Go for no linking press releases and ask them for a link
  3. Authority.
    • Other stuff non disclosable
  4. Case Study
    • Identifying niches to target: use directories for that
    • Find content ideas that match these niches
    • Historical analysis of the content of the niched sites
    • Look at competitors content
    • Niches: religious websites (hotels that were churches, hotels near famous churches); food websites (hotels near famous restaurants), train fanatics (hotels near famous train stations).

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