Time to speak Spanish. Search in Latin America.

by oskarokupa on February 1, 2009

According to ComScore the number of Internet users in Latin America now has risen to the point of almost 75 million. That figure excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes which is a current practise in South America. Considering that the IMF economic forecast places the south american continent as the only one which slight economic growth for this year ( North America will shrink 1.4 %, Europe around 2% and Asia an almost 3% if we don’t include China), we can confirm that looking at South America as a powerful emerging market is a truism.

Just to put things into perspective; Brazil is the ninth-largest Internet market worldwide, with 27.7 million users, while Mexico ranks 14th, with 12.5 million users. Brazil goes ahead of such countries as South Korea, Canada, Italy and Spain, while Mexico ranks ahead of The Netherlands. The Brazilian economy is predicted to grow a bit more than a 1% for this year, which although meager, is still much better than most of European markets.

The great opportunity about targeting South America as a prospective online market is that your optimisation efforts only need to focus on two main languages, Spanish and Portuguese. By using native speakers that comprehend the special peculiarities of the Latin market a business can expand in the continent with a reasonably little investment.

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