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by oskarokupa on November 25, 2008

In this blog we always welcome any data that could shed light about the current status of European SEO and PPC and the International Search Summit gave us very interesting insight about the European Search landscape.

Alex Burmaster from Nielsen online was talking on topline trends, organic paid an secure, and other interesting statistics.

Search Growth:

  • Farly good growth in Spain and UK bigger in Italy, 0% in Switzerland
  • Time searching : 26% in Uk around 10% in Italy and Spain but still a small amount of time

Organic vs Paid

  • CTRs: Bigger in volume in UK and France. 13% paid CTRs(click through rates) in UK, 9 and 7 for Germany and France respectively
  • Sectors: Travel, ecommerce, home & fashion in that order for UK and Germany. Main sectors in France is special occasions, travel and automotive
  • Outperforming sectors with CTRs for paid search: Insurance, Gifts, Education Careers, Loans, freebies, credit cards. Insurance has more paid clicks than organic


  • Sectors: classified goes to 13% CTRs, credit cards only 0.4

Next he procedes to go through European Search Landscape, studying the most popular engines across the main countries.

  • Google, Google Image, MSN, Ask, Yahoo
  • Ask and Voila decreased the average user time and Voila decresed visitors too although Ask and Trovit grew hugely in unique audience

Mobile Search:

  • Biggest increse Spain but less volume, biggest volume IT, UK, FR, DE
  • Male dominated more equal in UK
  • Age demographics: 35 to 49 main sector in ll the countries. More equal in UK

It was surprising to see that the Italian Market is slightly more developed than UK for Mobile Search. Andy-Atkins Krueger suggested that since Iphone is unlocked in Italian that might have caused a bigger smartphones handset penetration in Italy in comparison with the other top European Markets.

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