Top 10 tips in other online marketing channels – Distilled PRO Seminar London

by oskarokupa on October 26, 2010

  1. Email Marketing.Top 10 tips of how email can help SEO:
    1. People share content with email, much more than social media (80%). Make friends with the CRM guys (if you are reading, you know who you are : ) ).
    2. Make capturing email addresses a priority
    3. Identify social media, users and influencers
    4. Target social end user with unique content
    5. Publish your newsletter to Twitter & Facebook
    6. Provide a newsletter archive either on your website or outside domain
    7. Use Email surveys and analytics to get a better understanding of your users
    8. Email can help you to convert visitors into buyers
    9. Email can help conversion (look at multitouch reports to see the impact of email in the bottom line)
  2. Conversion rate optimisation. Top 10 tips on CRO:
    1. Make a plan:
      • Research and analysis (“why are people not converting”?)
      • Brainstorm solutions
      • Develop + text
      • Review and Expand
    2. Use your treasure map.
      • Determine the products or areas that make most money
      • Look at the main landing pages
      • Set up funnels
    3. Guerrilla usability testing.
    4. Survey customers
      • What concerns did you have before booking?
      • Why did you choose to buy from us?
      • Would you buy from us again?
    5. Address objections head on
    6. Design and automated salesman
      • How would you sell face to face?
      • Use the same language
      • Compare the online buying process to the offline buying process?
    7. Optimise the decision process
    8. Start a swipe file
    9. Failed tests also win, learn from your mistakes.
    10. Get links talking about CRO
  3. Q & A

    Colour for buttons? Not a big deal

    Proximity to Call to Action.

    Surveys: pop ups or static? Both.

  4. Design and SEO. Lots of stuff here but particularly interesting in:
  • Infographics and design. How:
    • Decide a colour pallet
    • Include graphs and silhouette
    • One font fo title and another(clearer in body)
  • Development
    • CSS3. Border radius, box shadows, font face
    • Typekit for fonts, investments
    • Html 5. Easier video embedding, hooks to video events & atttributes; easier audio embedding
    • Canvas and SVG. Starting to be crawled by Search Engines

    When can be used? Problems with browser compatibility.Check your users browsers.

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